Functional and regularly maintained deck hardware and equipment, used in sailing and vessel steering, is a required condition for safe and efficient vessel, that serves and keeps, or raises its value for the long term.

Outside of the nautical season, especially in the winter period, maintaining of the vessel and the whole deck hardware is a necessary condition to preserve safety and functionality in the long run. With our sailboat mobile service workshop we are ensuring to provide sailboat services throughout Adriatic coast.

Sale and mounting of the deck hardware and whole equipment

In our offer of the deck hardware are furling systems (roll system), either mechanical, electrical or hydraulic systems inside of the mast or furling systems for Bamar, Facnor, Furlex, Harken, Profurl and Reckmann models. Along with the quick delivery and professional mounting of the new models, we are offering a service of the existing models directly on your vessel.

Sale and mounting of the sailboat deck and mast winches- Lewmar, Harken, Antal, Andersen, including manual, electrical and hydraulic models. Professional and quick service of the existing winches directly on your vessel will allow you a safe and easy usage as well as prolong the longevity of the existing equipment.

Sale and mounting of the various deck hardware or equipment (tackles, stoppers, shifters, bars, sliders etc.), as well as producing and mounting of the various types of safe ship fences are a part of our sale services and mounting of the deck equipment, which can also be adjusted to the needs and wishes of our clients. Fence cables producing is available on the spot or we can guarantee a 24 hour delivery.


Upon ending of the nautical season and before winter arrival and colder weather conditions, it is necessary to do a winter maintenance of the sailboat vessel in order to ensure a long term safety and functionality of all parts and equipment of deck hardware . Other than maintenance of the sailboat mast, sails and ropes, it is necessary to do a service of the deck equipment, which is, upon a long-lasting experience, adjusted to every client.

Our sailboat mobile field workshop allows us an individual approach to every client and providing of service of the w hole deck hardware , throughout the Adriatic cost, independently of the vessel’s location.

Service of the deck hardware comprises a control and service of the deck and sail winches, stoppers, sail furling systems (roll systems), vangs, stern turnbuckles and the control and service of the tackles and sliders.


Modern systems used for sail furling are designed in a way to decrease the need for maintaining on the lowest possible level. However, it doesn’t mean that you should completely forget your furling system.

It is necessary to regularly check the shackles and clevis pins, parts of the turnbuckles as well as the parts of barrel and sliders. That way you can detect damages or deterioration of those parts. Barrel and sliders should be occasionally washed with fresh water and benign washing powder in order to remove accumulated salt and filths. Excess of the old fat needs to be removed with degreaser and it is needed to periodically grease mobile parts with silicon spray.

Adequate maintenance of the sail furling systems will prolong its lifetime and allow safe and undisturbed function of the system.


Regular service of the winches is important in order to remove accumulated filth mixed with salt inside of the winches and in order to reduce abrasion between cog wheels of the winches, which allows adequate and safe functioning of the winches.

Service of the winches is similar among all models that can be found on the market. Important thing is that all of the manufacturers have in their offer service kits for winch servicing with adequate parts for certain model of the winch.

During the service, it is necessary to pay attention to grease those parts, where all parts are not greased with the same lubricant and it should be sure not to use an excessive amount of the lubricant so that parts don’t get blocked, especially a rocker and a spring inside winch.

In the electrical models, by following recommendations of the manufacturers, it is required to periodically change switchers in order to ensure an undisturbed function.


Except drained, which is needed to remove filths and accumulated salt, tackles also need to be periodically checked to detect possible damages in due time, thus preventing damages on the ropes. Problems are often happening when modern ropes of small drawing ability are used combined with the old models of tackles where, due to the pressure of the ropes on the tackles, blocking of the tackles or engraving of the ropes into tackles happen, thus making tackles lose its functionality.


Stoppers are also a part of the deck equipment which are mostly being under a constant load. Damages and deterioration of the parts is often happening due to the consistent usage of the stoppers and the consistent pressure on the stoppers.

By constant maintenance (Draining and greasing) a longevity of the stoppers can be prolonged. In the case of the damage or deterioration of parts of stoppers, it is usually not required to change the whole stopper, the problem can also be solved by mounting reserve parts which can be found in the offer of most manufacturers.