Due to our long-lasting experience working on all kind of vessels, we have become one of the leading companies for providing services for sailboat mast and rigging hardware examination. We are examining saiboat mast and checking deck equipment as whole rigging hardware, while accepting new vessels, buying and selling vessels or when needed for insurance purposes.

However, by following our recommendations, more and more of our clients require periodical control of the sailboat mast and the deck equipment so that they can prevent possible disadvantages and ensure adequate safety of the crew and the rigging equipment of the vessel.

Checking starts at the top of the sailboat mast, by controlling the head of the mast, including all associated equipment and cordages. Along the entire mast, we are controlling pipes of the mast, alloys, rigging (mast cables or mast cordages), crosses, sliders (...) and other small mast equipment to ensure that there is existence of the oxidation between mast elements, mechanical or structural damages or deterioration of the mast and its equipment.

In the context of the sailboat mast exam, condition and a functionality of the system is controlled, which is used for sail spooling, whether it is mechanical, electrical or hydraulic model. In the sail spooling system, there is a special attention given to the condition and functionality of sliders and cylinders of roll systems as well as the condition of the small canals.

Examination of the condition of the boom, as well as the condition, i.e. function of the boom vang, weather it is on the mechanical or hydraulic model, is also included in the mast examination.

Great attention is given to the cords and cordages of the sailboat mast, considering that cordages are securing and positioning the mast. All cords and cordages are being checked, including the belonging terminals, in order to detect possible cracks, damages or distortions of the turnbuckles, cracks of the cords connections, fractures of the cordages or the corrosion or the oxidation of the belonging parts.

Examination includes the control of the tension of sailboat mast cords or cordages, as well as the condition of the deck’s rigging. It also includes the control of the vessel’s ropes, from halyards and jib sheets to the mooring ropes. General condition of the individual ropes is also controlled, condition of the rope liners, i.e. its deterioration, callosity etc. Additional attention is given to the exam of the splices and the condition of the clevis spins and shackles. Along with the ropes, belonging rigging hardware is also controlled, stoppers, tackles, shifters, tuggers, bars, sliders etc.

Examination ends with control of the condition of protection fences and its parts. Condition of the cables, terminals and fence pillars are controlled in order to detect possible faults which could potentially endanger safety of the crew members.

Upon finishing sailboat mast examination, we are delivering a detail report of the equipment condition, with a focus on the parts that should be serviced in order to ensure a right and safe functioning of the whole system.

Prevention is a foundation postulate of the successful vessel’s maintenance so our advising is directed towards the process and activities of best preventional impact on the long term maintenance of the vessel. Sailboat mast and rigging hardware examination is a simple way to allow to yourself (and your insurance company) an exact insight into a condition of the equipment of your vessel.