Sailboat mast is, in modern age, mostly made of aluminium, less out of wood, while in the regattas and competition sailboats, as well as in the most of the luxurious sailboats, the main material carbon.

Mast hardwar e comprises head, body and the heel of the sailboat mast as well as the belonging elements like crosses, pivot of cordages, lanyards, guides, navigation lights and its belongings like other small mast equipment, front and main mast, including the sail furling systems.

Our services of the sailboat mast and the mast hardware include sale and mounting of the mast and the mast equipment, servicing mast and the mast trimming. As well, we are offering a control exam of the mast hardware and we are creating a report of the found condition for personal purposes or insurance purposes.

Sale and mounting of the sailboat mast and the mast hardware

We are able to provide you, according to your wishes, a new sailboat mast made by most of the renown world’s manufacturers, whether it is aluminium or carbon models. Models of the masts that are in our offer are suited by its quality and performances to both families and regattas sailboats.

Other than standard sailboat mast models, we have custom models of masts too, designed exclusively to your vessel, according to your wishes and needs.

Until today, we have successfully delivered and mounted large number of aluminum and carbon masts and sailboat hardware on different types of vessels, both for companies and individuals.

Equipping of the new vessels

As a special sailboat service we would like to highlight mounting of the mast and its equipment to the new vessels, where we ensure a quick, professional and affordable mounting of the sailboat hardware on new vessels, whether for companies or individuals. With our sailboat mobile field workshop, we are providing service on the spot, independently of the vessels location and thus reducing costs of vessels transportation.

Sailboat Mast servicing

When servicing masts we offer a visual examination of the mast and cordages, as well as producing of the report of found condition. We are servicing existing mast hardware or mounting new mast equipment, depending on the wishes and needs of clients.

During winter maintenance of the sailboat mast and the mast equipment, we are removing and preventing oxidation and corrosion, servicing existing or mounting new hardware , controlling and servicing the pivot of the mast, as well as cleaning and polishing parts made of inox.

According to the needs, we are lowering tension of cordages in order to reduce pressure on body of the ship during winter period.

Collaboration with renown world’s manufacturers of sailboat mast and mast equipment gives us the ability to quickly deliver and set affordable prices on original equipment. Regular maintenance and control are a necessary condition for a long term safety and functionality of the mast and the whole vessel.

Sailboat Mast trimming

Correct trimming of the sailboat mast ensures right positioning and tension of the mast and enables achieving the optimal performances in various weather conditions and it is surely enhancing safety of the crew members and sailing in general, especially in heavy circumstances and weather conditions.

Mast trimming includes adequate positioning of the mast on the lateral and longitudinal axis, by adjusting shrouds in order to achieve optimal performances of the mast and sails during sailing.

Regular check and trim of the mast increases the value of the vessel and reduces damages, thus increasing long term safety and efficiency of the mast and the vessel.