Mobile field workshop

In order to provide our clients with services on the site, our mobile field saiboa t workshop is in daily standby. No matter if it is lowering or raising masts, changing ropes or cables, servicing or mounting of mast equipment, systems for sail spooling or mounting of the deck equipment, our on site sailboat services of the vessels on the site is adjusted to the individual needs of every client.

Huge experience of our sailboat service technicians allows them to solve problems quickly, efficiently and professionally and to adequately advise you about solutions for improvements of the existing systems on your vessel.

Mobile s ailboat service workshop is enabling individual and personalized approach to every client, independently of the vessel’s location and the specificity of the request. On site sailboat service actions on the mast, deck equipment, rope entwining and the service of the cordages is available throughout Adriatic coast.

Basic sailboat service done on the spot is mounting or servicing of the mast and the deck equipment. This sailboat service is comprising all activities connected to the lowering or mounting masts, changes of the cordages, services on the existing one or mounting of the new mast or deck equipment, probably representing the most important services on the vessels.
Safety of the workers, equipment and complete work space is an imperative set before every service action.

With our mobile sailboat field workshop, we are able to provide you with a following, on the spot, services:

  • Regular check of the mast, cordages and deck equipment
  • Mounting of the new and servicing of the existing masts
  • Equipping of the new vessels
  • Partial or complete change of the mast cordages
  • Check or service of the existing systems for sail spooling
  • Check and service of the existing or mounting of the new deck equipment
  • Change and mounting of the ropes and all types of loops and splices
  • Mast trimming
  • Advising about solutions for improving existing systems on the vessel.