Quality of the sailboat mast and deck sailing ropes, is determined by its factor of distension, high firmness and resistance to scuffing, as well as its longevity and endurance.

Sailing ropes are made from various materials, often polyester, while for specific and higher quality sailing ropes are used materials as Dyneem, Technor or vectran. Depending on the intensity of the sailing ropes usage, different combinations of materials are being used.

Maintenance and examination of the n autical ropes is a necessary process for long term safety and efficiency of the vessel, especially winter maintenance of vessels and nautical ropes in which, due to standstill, vessel is being under the influence of different weather conditions.

Services provided by us, designed in order to maintain sailing ropes are the removals of ropes from masts and decks and mounting of messenger ropes, washing, drying and storage of the ropes inside of the vessel.

In our offer we have a large number of different kinds, colors and diameters of nautical ropes, from polyester to Dyneem or Technor ropes which are guaranteeing quality, endurance and safety as well as resistance to scuffing.

Nautical Rope loops

We are offering a service of rope loop knot tying of all kinds of nautical ropes, used for different purposes, knot tying of ropes on lifters, insertion of jib or rollers into a rope, knot tying of cables into a rope and knot tying of all kinds of lashing ropes, made for all purposes. We are able to ensure protection cover for lashing nautical ropes and produce all kinds of rope loop knot ties, including different kinds of ties on lifters, infinite loops and soft loops.

Our sailboat mobile service workshop allows providing a service of setting, adjusting and knot tying of ropes throughout Adriatic coast, independently of the vessel’s location.

Lashing ropes

Lashing ropes require to pay special attention to the quality of the sailing ropes. We offer a large number of different types, colors and diameters, ranging from quality polyester ones to Dyneema ropes which are guaranteeing larger bearing, less weight and easier manipulation with an extraordinary quality, endurance and safety, as well as resistance to scuffing.

Lashing ropes are available in different colors, types and diameters and they also come with different types of loops and protections.